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Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is a chemical company since 2001. Our specialization, your Confidence ! We keep committing to meet the needs of both market and customers with our innovative technology, high stable quality products and excellent service. We always combine economic success with high sense of social responsibility and environmental protection. To meet the needsof customers, to enrich the value of all TNJ staff, to shoulder more and more social responsibility...these are our unremitting pursuit. We believe and are to make true Better Chemicals, Better Future!

Enterprise Basic Information

亚洲 欧美 国产 综合777|亚洲国产日产欧美综合Enterprise Certification

Type of Enterprise: Limited Liability Company
Legal Representative: Wang Xiuran
Registered Capital: 5,000,000 RMB
Founded Date: 2010-09-03
Registered Address: Room 1508, Building D, Xinji Business Center, No.999 of Dongliu Road, Civic Center, Hefei
Term of Validity: 2010-09-03—2030-09-02
Business Scope: The import and export business of various kinds of goods,production and technologies (except for goods and technologies which are restricted by enterprises or prohibited by the state); sodium borohydride, N, N- dimethylaniline, methyl sulfonyl isocyanate, tetrahydrofuran, 2-pyrrolidone, N- vinylpyrrolidone, benzaldehyde, glyoxylic acid, TEOF, propionic acid, Eucalyptus oil, food additives, cosmetic raw materials and API. (legally approved projects can be launched after approval by the relevant departments).
Staff number: 50-100 People
Number of R & D department: 1-5
Annual turnover: RMB Above 100 million
Main consumer market: Pharmaceutical factory  Material factory  Fine chemical plant  trading company 
Main marketing location: Saudi Arabia  Argentina  Brazil  Russia  Germany 
Main product or service: PVP, 2-pyrrolidone, Gamma-butyrolactone, Sodium borohydride, Glyoxylic acid, Methyl salicylate etc.


Marketing : Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address: D1508 Xincheng Business Center, Qianshan Road, Hefei City, Anhui ,230022
Area: Hefei
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Marketing : Hefei TNJ Fine Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address: Hongtu Dadao, Feidong Chemical Park, Hefei, ChINA
Area: China
Equipment: PVP Site factory
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  • PVP Site factory
Brief description : ISO9001:2008
Quality inspection equipment
  • ISO
Certificate of accreditation
  • ISO
Brief description : Mainly fine chemical works, food ingredients workshops etc.
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Staff composition for example:
Professional skills:
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